On Duty
Hello I'm a product designer with an entrepreneurial spirit; currently studying at RIT. Good design is not only a happy marriage between accessible and delight, but breaches holistically beyond the screen. While currently solving first world problems, I hope to eventually breach third world problems. My adversity has matured into a passion particularly for food initiatives, everything surrounding smart cities, and social and economic equity. Previously, I worked with teams at Publicis.sapientOdopod, and clients like: Google, Sephora, and Scuf Gaming.

Off duty
Growing up with an obsession for fashion and animated films, built a foundation for aesthetics and storytelling. Moreover, being raised by immigrants led me into creative unconventional entrepreneurial antics; such as starting my first make-shift general store in elementary school, paper doll business, second hand shop buisness, and scarf buisness in highschool. 

In elementary schoold I had my mini paper doll buisness and casino at school, in highschool I started up my own scarf buisness, Fast forward to middle school, where I designed my first interface for the school science fair, along with my best friend who introduced me to the world of computer science and technology. Since then I had an inkling I want to pursue design and build products that affect the world. Fast forward to now, I am a quiet introvery who takes care of plants, read books, and obssesed with food. I believe that a good meal can solve all problems.

If you're also not a fan of big egos, I am looking for a Product design/ User Experience position in a killer team for the Summer of 2019 (particularly in the bay area so I can hang out with my mom). Also, open to freelance opportunities year round. Here is a copy of my resume.