Smart Meals Intelligent Fridge.AI is an IoT device that scans your groceries. The following is my process of crafting a viable product for the consumer.

The Team
How it Works
Work in Progress Prototype
The Challenge
Upon seeing the developer's prototype I had to invent how this would apply to a consumer. Keeping in mind that new technology is jarring and often requires a learning curve. What features will accommodate the consumer in a way that brings true value?

Why it matters?
In the fast paced first world, the notion to slow down and cook a meal seems like a privlege. SMIF.AI aims to cultivate self substaning relationships with food amidst emerging technology.
Meal Plan Feature
Can't decide on what to eat? Forgot what's rotting away in your fridge?#FirstWorldProblems SMIF.AI will alert you when food is about to expire and suggest recipes(using Natural Learning Process and Machine Learning) in efforts to reduce food waste and save money.
Dashboard Feature
SMIF.AI's dashboard helps prioritize task, send reminders, and provide feedback to assist you in building sustainable habits. Subsequently provide data on how food is impacting your health. Consumers shouldn't be in the dark until their annual check up.
Calendar Integration
Integrating with an existing calendar with help the user factor in time sensitive task such as defrosting or marinating which may take up to 3-8 hours, often derailing a whole day's plan.
Design Process
2/3 of design happens behind the screen. Click below to dissect the case study.

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