Before you attempt to design anything, you better have designed a damn good poster.

- A Mantra

The following are a set of posters that explore typographic hierarchy, gestalt principles, grid systems, and my own creative concepts.
Series 1
Science on the Edge
Used to promote "Science on the Edge" lecture series. The lack of imagery allowed me to explore within limitations, drawing inspiration from Josef Müller-Brockmann and his minimal, yet effective Swiss style posters.
Series 2
Got Pills?
Building on the inspiration from Josef Müller-Brockmann, this set of posters promote the proper disposal of expired pills at a pill drive. Giving an edgy feel to an un-edgy activity.
"For every 10 ideas, there is 1 good idea." - Hye Jin Nae
Sketches & Reference
Preliminary sketches and references materials.
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